10 Ways to Go from Rookie to Veteran in Bingo

12 Sep

Free bingo onlineMost think that bingo is simply a game of chance. You pick a card and hope that the number-letter combinations that are picked are the ones that you have on your card. Seems simple enough that even a four-year-old would get it. However, there are tricks of the trade that can give you a decided edge in making your chances to win a whole lot better. These tricks are geared to turn even the most novice bingo players into a veteran in no time, and give you the look and success of a person who is the bingo master.

10. Find the Right Bingo Site

If you are a person who wants to play online, then you should know that there are better sites to go to than others. Finding that right site can be a real challenge as there are literally thousands of them out there. This means you need to find that one that will really give you the right odds. It can be a challenge for sure, especially when you are totally new to online bingo.

9. Enroll

Once you have spent some time finding the right site for you, the next step will be to enroll to play. This usually requires a deposit to be given, so you want to look for places that will offer you the chance to play for free at first to see how you like it. These are usually the sites that you will find are much better than most.

8. Understand the Terms

One of the things you will need to understand if you are going to be successful are the terms that are used in the game. Things like Flash Five and Swedish Bingo may be Latin to you for all they are worth, so look them up. Keep in mind that you should not participate in a game if you do not know what things mean.

7. Be Prepared When the Game Begins

A common mistake that many make is that they are not observant enough to what is going on in the game. They nap so to speak and, before they know it, the game has started. Use this time to pick the right card and be ready right when it begins. You may have numbers called and the game will move so quickly that you cannot afford to be behind.

6. Be a Part of the Experience

Join in some chat room discussions. Read what people are talking about first so you understand the subject matter and then join in. You will be glad you did. You will not only get to know some people, but learn what they know about playing. This can also help you to learn terms you may not have known. It is worth spending an hour or two getting to know people that you may be spending a lot more time with than you imagined.

5. Focus, Focus, Focus

If you have ever been at a bingo game before, then you know that there is not a lot of chatter while the game is going on. People are focused on the task at hand, and this should be true of when you are playing online bingo as well. Take care of the dog, put the kids to bed, kiss your husband or wife goodnight, and shut off the television before playing. Getting distracted can have a very negative impact, so don’t let it do so.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Lose

You honestly cannot win all the time so, if you lose, that is perfectly fine. No big deal at all. It is just a game after all, and you need to be honest about the fact that no one wins all the time. If they did, then everyone would know that they are cheating.

3. Let this Time Be Yours

There are plenty of people that spend an entire weekend playing video games. If you want to spend a night or two just playing bingo, then go right ahead. Of course, make sure that you can afford to do so. Get some soda, coffee and some sandwiches and snacks and just have some fun.

2. Celebrate When You Win

As mentioned before, you will not win all the time so, when you do, make a big deal of it with yourself. This will keep you playing longer if you are really enjoying playing. Make that victory last in your own mind for a while.

1. Share Your Insights with Others

When new players join the game, don’t be afraid to act like the veteran that you are now. Share your thoughts on how they can be successful and encourage them to do many of the things that you are doing. You can create a whole group of disciples. Enjoy it.

You want to enjoy bingo to its fullest, and these steps can make you look like a big-time player in no time at all. Take these steps and be the master of the bingo world.

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