75 Ball Bingo

15 Dec

free bingo onlineFirstly when Bingo started in USA, UK’s 90 ball bingo was very popular but since the beginning of 75 ball bingo in a few weeks its popularity went sky high. Now after the arrival of online bingo trends, 75 bingo is just as popular as any other online game.

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75 ball Tickets

The tickets contain 5×5 grids, which contains 24 numbers and a blank square in the middle. The blank square in the middle in generally called a ‘free square’. On each tickets there are 5 columns with the letters BINGO. The first column is named ‘B’ which contains numbers 1-15 and second column is named ‘I’ which contains numbers 16-30 and so on. When the bingo numbers are announced the caller states the letter before the number. Example: N43

Different 75 Ball Games

75 ball bingo games are generally of two types. One 75 ball bingo game usually consists of two rounds. In the 1st round the player has to mark a single vertical, horizontal or diagonal line on their card as per the numbers called. In the 2nd round a pattern is given on each tickets (drawn very lightly) and the players have to mark the numbers and make a pattern of the shape given. After completing the pattern the game is completed. The other type of 75 ball game does not contain the one line round and it directly contain the pattern making round. Prizes are sometimes given on the basis of rounds and sometimes they are given for overall. These types vary from game to game and from different online sites.

Prizes to be won

The prizes of the 75 ball bingo varies from game to game. Usually the games that require the player to complete a line offers less than the games which require the player to complete a pattern. The games which have more number of rounds usually offer a better prize than single round games as the player has to play more number of rounds to usually win the game and it takes more effort. Bingo now being online offers more prizes and jackpots as usual. Here the method of rewarding prizes in a bit different than the traditional. They use a special progressive jackpot pattern. This means that if you get a shape that can be completed in 16 squares then for the pattern the player will be provided around 20 calls of numbers to win the game as well as the progressive jackpot. Sometimes if you complete the pattern much quicker in less number of calls you are awarded more than usual.

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