90 Ball Bingo

16 Dec

free bingo online90 ball bingo is the most widely played bingo in UK based on the number of bingo halls. The 90 ball bingo is more preferred as it gives the users three chances to win in every separate bingo game.

90 ball Strips/Tickets

The 90 ball tickets are based on strips of 6 tickets. Each ticket is made up of 3 horizontal rows each having 9 squares in it. Among the 9 squares present only 5 of them have numbers so a total of 15 numbers are present on each of the tickets. To play 90 ball bingo atleast a single strip has to be purchased by the player. In the 90 ball bingo you will find the numbers from 1-90 appearing once on every strip. The 1st column contains numbers from 1-10, 2nd contains 10-19, 3rd contain 20-29, 4th contain 30-39, 5th contain 40-49, 6th contain 50-59, 7th contain 60-69, 8th contain 70-79 and the 9th contain 80-90.

3 rounds

The 90 ball bingo consists of three rounds named as ‘1 line’, ‘2 lines’ and ‘full house’. The first round of ‘1 line’ is the opening round of the bingo game where the user is required to cover any horizontal line on any ticket. After the first round is over the second round starts. This round as the name ‘2 line’ the user has to complete 2 horizontal lines on any tickets. The second round is quite similar to the first. After the completion of the second round the third round of ‘full house’ starts which requires the user to eliminate every single number in a ticket. The last round is the ultimate of all the rounds.

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The prizes are rewarded in quite a simple concept. The prize depends on the price of the ticket and also depends on the number of people playing the game. 20 people playing a game will offer lesser prize than 10 people playing the same game. Also a 50p game offers a better prize than 1p game. The whole jackpot is divided among 3 rounds of the game. The full house offers the best and the biggest prize and the 2 line offers a prize lesser than that. The 1 line prize offers the lowest amount. The online bingo is mostly based on the progressive jackpot method where the prize is increased with every bingo game. The progressive jackpot game can be won by claiming the full jackpot with a certain amount of calls. For example: If the progressive jackpot has a certain number at the side of it say 40 than the full house can be claimed within a limit of 40 calls.

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