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Playing free bingo online

Astrobingo really is a great site to have fun when playing free Bingo online. It’s intuitive website makes it easy to navigate and is perfect for both the Bingo beginners as well as the Bingo Pro’s.

Upon signing up for, you receive a free £30 sign up bonus so you can play a few games of Bingo to make your own mind up about Astrobingo before handing over your card details and making a deposit – this for me was a very positive strong point when writing this review.

Upon depositing money to continue to play Bingo online you receive a 105% initial deposit.

Astrobingos progressive jackpots are in legs 11 and 2 fat ladies.

One of the great features about free Bingo online Astrobingo is their points based loyalty program which rewards you points for ever deposit made (It’s good to see Astrobingo making the effort to keep you as a customer).

With the accumulated points, your able to redeem compensation, free Astrobingo branded memorabilia such as shirts, mugs and watches. And as of late, Astrobingo have expanded the points collection scheme to incorporate free gifts such as perfume, chocolates and champagne.

Astrobingo Community

Astrobingo work hard in trying to create a community for you to get involved in, allowing you to openly talk to other Astro bingo members via their Astrobingo forum; their forum is very friendly and well moderated.

What I thought was nice bonus to the Astrobingo community is the “Ask Eugenia” event; where twice a year, Astrobingo invite the world’s most syndicated astrologer Eugenia Last to provide personal reading to the community members for free – so if your feeling lucky why not find out for sure if today will be your lucky day by participating in the reading.

Whilst i’m skeptical in the mysteries surrounding star signs and astrology, again, it’s good to see online Bingo companies such as Astrobingo making that little extra effort for it’s community!

Referral Program

A great feature of Astro Bingo is you can receive bonus credits and create awards to your Bingo friends too, so if you have any Bingo friends thinking of taking that step from the Bingo hall to playing Bingo online then refer them to Astro Bingo and you’ll receive bonus credits!

Astro Bingo Pros

  • Sharp website design
  • Easy to use
  • Great jackpots and prizes
  • Great community
  • Free £5 of credits to start you off with

Astro Bingo Cons

  • Nada
  • Nothing!


When it comes down to it, Astro Bingo is a sure hit for both the Bingo beginner or a self acclaimed pro; it’s totally free to join it’s generious jackpots help make Astro Bingo a winner in my books!

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