Baguio City Councilor Calls for Strict Control of E-Bingo Venues

6 Jan

Baguio is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. Dubbed the Summer Capital of the Philippines, this city was picked as one of the top 25 destinations in Asia according to the famous travel website, TripAdvisor.

Those visiting Baguio in the future will probably have to look harder in order to find a place where they can play e-Bingo as the government has decided to make the gaming rules stricter. One of the requirements that the owners of bingo venues will have to pay more attention is the distance from the places of worship.

Is This The End Of Maharlika E-Bingo?

Recently, a city councilor called Maria Mylen Victoria Yaranon has made a proposal to recall a resolution from the summer 2016, which allows an e-Bingo venue to operate in the basement of the Maharlika Livelihood Complex. The Complex was created and is controlled by a government body called the Human Settlements Development Corporation, which governs under a decree from 1978.

However, not everyone agrees that everything is going on according to the law in the Magarlika.  According to the councilor, the building is too close to a place of worship, namely the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP).

The church building is located in the Otek Street, which is a 5-minute walk from the Maharlika. Apart from the church, there is also a school that is too close to the e-Bingo venue, according to the councilor. She claims that the distance between the Baguio Patriotic School on the Harrison Road and the Maharlika Livelihood Complex is less than 300 meters, which is the minimum distance allowed by the regulatory body.

Of course, her claims can be easily checked on the city map. Although it’s true that Maharlika Building is less than 300 meters from the school, the e-bingo hall is situated in its basement. This argument was what helped the venue get the permission in the first place.

City Councilor vs. Baguio CenterMall

Apart from complaining about Maharlika e-Bingo venue, the councilor Maria Mylen Victoria Yaranon has also called for a ban of the e-Bingo boutique situated in the Baguio Center Mall. The mall is located on the Magsaysay Avenue in the north part of the city. Still, despite being far away from the most popular Baguio sights, the mall is too close to the Maharlika e-Bingo.

According to a PAGCOR requirement, two e-Bingo venues must not be located at a distance less than 1 kilometer. The problem is that, as seen on the Google Maps, the distance between the Maharlika Livelihood Complex and the Baguio Center Mall is less than 450 meters, which is more than 2 times less than the regulation demands.

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