Basic Bingo Rules to Remember

12 Feb

[block]0[/block]The game of bingo can be played in social halls or Bingo online but bingo rules anywhere are basically the same.

To join a session, players must first purchase their own bingo cards. Each of these cards is different from the others. Take note that the American version of the game uses bingo cards that contain numbers that range from 1 to 75 while the British version has up to 90. In any case, each card has 24 numbered squares and a blank one at the center. These squares are arranged in a 5 x 5 grid. On the other hand, the numbers that appear on each square are randomly designated.

As the game starts, a bingo pattern is chosen for the players to mark and complete on their cards. This pattern is the goal, so to speak. The pattern could be a horizontal or vertical row of five numbers. A diagonal row, with four numbers and the blank one in the middle, is also a popular bingo pattern. A session may also require for all the numbers on the card to be filled. This is known as blackout bingo.

A host or caller is assigned to draw random numbers and read each aloud. The players will then check if the announced numbers are on their card. If any of the numbers are present on the cards that they are holding, the players should mark it accordingly. Whoever is the first one to cover a pattern wins the game. The winner may announce his or her win by stating BINGO. The game then stops until the next session. The winning card/s will be verified before the prize is awarded.

These are the basic rules of bingo. Bingo sites on the Internet have their own guidelines as well so if you are playing online, you may want to read the site rules and regulation in order to ensure a more enjoyable game.

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