Bet365’s Halloween Celebrations

21 Oct

Free bingo onlineIf you haven’t heard of Bet365’s promotion, where have you been?! While it may be nearing the spooky time of year, jam-packed full of ghosts and ghouls; you can stay safe at home on Bet365’s site. By doing so, you may even win yourself a holiday to London! Yes, you read that right. They are offering a holiday to London as a prize. Not just one trip either, a trip for two each week is up for grabs! It’s a great holiday to win, valued at over £1,300.

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If you believe you deserve a holiday, you’ve got to play to win. That’s not all though; they are also offering a wide range of cash prizes, so there is quite a good chance that you’ll win something!

The Pumpkin Patch Room – Where the magic happens…

All of these prizes are only available to be won in the appropriately named Pumpkin Patch Room. This is a special room created by Bet365 for the Halloween season, to satisfy all of your spooky cravings…

Win a Trip to London

A trip to London is all very well and good, but what comes in the package? Well…

You’ll be staying both nights in the Strand Palace! A beautiful hotel in London, you’re sure to love it. The prize also includes two haunted tours in London, so you may manage to spy a ghost or two! Spooky eh?

Other Prizes

You’ll also get two tickets to a West End show, which are very valuable alone. You’ll be dining in the Carluccio’s exclusive restaurant.

If this sounds like your kind of trip, you better get playing. Remember, you can only win these prizes by playing the Trick or Treat games in the Pumpkin Patch Room between 11:00am and 10:30pm GMT daily! If you win, you’d better start choosing which friend deserves a trip to London!

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