Bingo Billy is Giving 550% Exclusive Bonus to Everyone this Month

13 Dec

Free bingo onlineDefinitely, December is going to be a great month for bingo players. A number of bingo websites have decided to give away amazing prizes, but it seems that Bingo Billy has gone a step further. Throughout December, both existing and new users of Bingo Billy are going to have a chance to claim the 550% Exclusive Bonus.

All you got to do in order to get the 550% Exclusive Bonus from Bingo Billy is to make a deposit! Players will get the usual 504% bonus on their first deposit, but this month they can get additional 46% if they use the code LATEST550. Sound amazing, but even this is not the end. New players can use this promotion for three times in total, which makes a total of 2062% bonus on initial deposit.

Bingo Billy’s Bonus for Loyal Users

Not only does Bingo Billy give great bonuses for new players, this website also gives amazing prizes for their existing users. If you are one of them, you will a total of 96% bonus on your deposits. Apart from regular 50% bonus, you can get additional 46% if you type in the LATEST550 code.

If you are an existing user of Bingo Billy, you can use this code once and take the bonus of up to $4,950. This means that in order to get the maximum bonus, you should make a deposit of $900! Great news is that this promotion lasts this whole month, meaning that you will have very busy and interesting holidays! Stay tuned, because Bingo Billy has a few more promotions coming soon!

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