Bingo Hall’s Spooky Treats

20 Oct

bingo-hallWith Halloween right around the corner, it’s definitely getting spookier… What better time is there to enjoy a few games of bingo to settle your nerves? Tonnes of bingo sites are running special holiday themed promotions, and some even have special Halloween themed games. If you are an avid bingo player, you’ve got to check this out. Even if you don’t play that often, some of these games are seriously cool!

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Bingo Hall’s Halloween Treats

Bingo Hall are hosting various games, such as Coffins of Cash. If you come first in this game, you can win up to a whopping $500 in cold, hard cash! How cool is that? If you’re feeling lucky, you better hop online to take advantage of these promotions today.

Halloween promotions are a great way to cash in on the scary holiday that occurs each year. With many bingo sites, such as a Bingo Hall running special themed promotions, you are almost sure to win something. Even if you aren’t bothered about increased odds or free playing cash, the new games that all the best bingo sites host are more than enough to satisfy any veteran player!

Special Themed Transylvania Slot Game

Bingo Hall are also hosting a Transylvania Slot game, where each $10USD bet will rack you a whole one tournament point. This may sound useless, but at the end of the game – the player with the most tournament points gets a special prize! First place gets $500, second place gets a $200 prize, and third place gets a $150 bonus. So as long as you bet less than $500, you’re still making money! Why not hop online and try your luck?

Top Prize

In various other games, you can win up to $1,000USD of solid cash! This may sound too good to be true, but you’ve got to check it out yourself.

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