Bingo Is Not the Secret of the Senior Centers from Loudoun County

22 Jan

free bingo onlineWhen it comes to a senior center you may think of a sad place where the elders watch soap operas and take a walk in the garden once a day for fresh air. Would you believe that there exists a senior activity center that provides fitness programs or art and language learning beside the regular bingo game? You will be surprised what you can find in Loudoun County.

Loudoun County’s senior centers offer Zumba and yoga lessons

There are three senior centers and a senior activity center in Loudoun. The 55 years old residents and those who have passed that age receive low-cost activities to feel good both physically and mentally. The elders can choose from a long list of activities: fitness, language, art, easy yoga, Zumba, aerobics, line dancing or other programs that keep them in shape and their minds sharp.

In their schedule, the senior centers have listed monthly visits, daily support groups, free health check-ups, daily hot lunches and on Tuesdays there is a program that involves technology. Another interesting thing is that the seniors are also taken outside the county on various occasions. There are day trips to visit important places like museums or castles and also longer trips that last for multiple days.

These activities offer a new type of life to the seniors of Loudoun County. They offer joy, movement and a great time for those who need it and at an affordable price list. Those are not regular senior centers. Those are New Age senior centers.

A secret that is hard to believe

These senior centers are not like the regular known ones. Here the elders come to socialize, play games like bingo and others, dance and learn new things. After retirement or after the kids have grown up and moved out, life can become boring and lonely so it is really important for seniors to socialize and make new friends.

It was a great idea to make such programs for seniors. Even if they play cards, read the newspaper and drink coffee, play Rummy or bingo, participate in a yoga class or dance Zumba, they are in the company of new friends with whom they can talk and laugh and have a great time. At these senior centers the elders don’t have time to feel sad or alone. They always have something to do to make the time pass in a wonderful way.

Purcellville, Sterling and Leesburg hold the senior centers and in South Riding you can find the senior activity center. There are plans made for two more senior centers. Dulles South is already scheduled to open this year and in 2020 there will be another senior center in Ashburn.

Every county should take an example from these senior centers because this is the greatest idea ever. Why take your elder to a facility where he or she could get more sad and lonely than he or she already is when you could chose a senior center like those. The opportunity to do great things awaits you!

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