Buckingham Bingo Halls in Record £8,000

22 Mar

Everyone feels like they are a winner when they play Bingo in a community event, even if they are not the one who had the winning combination. It is a game that so many can enjoy because it is just fun on every level to play. No one really goes away a loser.

That was surely the case for the Buckingham Community Center, which saw the group raise a record £8,000 on their most recent Bingo at the community center. The fundraiser, hosted by Sue and Tiddler Carter, was a great example of how the activity can be such a winner for most communities because Bingo is a game that everyone can play and enjoy, no matter a person’s age or socio-economic status.

The proceeds from the Bingo event went to a host of great charitable organizations, including to those helping to fight cancer and find cures for the disease. It was truly a great event that saw a large number of winners.

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