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16 Aug

It may come as quite of a surprise to many avid bingo fans that Chit Chat Bingo has changed massively. They have moved from G2 Gtech over to the popular, ever-expanding Dragonfish network. You may have heard of the Dragonfish network before, with some of their more popular sites being Sweet Shop Bingo, Bingo Hearts, and Fairground Bingo. They currently have hundreds of bingo sites within their network, and therefore this change is mostly great. A professional network controlling Chit Chat Bingo means it will experience the same kind of regular updates as all of Dragonfish’s other bingo sites.

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Dragonfish network has expanded a lot recently, with Bingo Zino also moving over to Dragonfish. This also means that Chit Chat Bingo, and Bingo Zino now utilise the latest BingoS software.

Unfortunately, this recent change now means there are no UK G2 Gtech bingo sites left, nobody really knows why all of their sites have left and joined other networks. As soon as some more information surfaces regarding this sudden change, we’ll be sure to update you.

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What’s different?

Unfortunately, no player details were migrated over to Dragonfish. This means that if you have used Chit Chat Bingo or Bingo Zino before, you will need to register a brand new account with them. While this might seem tiresome and unnecessary, there are some great new player bonuses available on both sites right now!

What Bonuses?

As soon as you have created a new account on either Chit Chat Bingo or Bingo Zino, if you deposit £10 into your account – you will instantly receive £70 in bonuses! That means you’ll get a whopping £80 to play with to your hearts content. You’ll receive a £20 bingo bonus, along with £20 for other games, and £30 of tickets for the Grab a Grand game!

This is great offer put in place by the Dragonfish network, and I’m sure you will agree it makes up for the lack of player migration.

What does this mean for me?

Having to create a new account is a bit of a hassle, but I’m sure you’ll agree that the new player bonuses put in place easily make this worth it. Dragonfish are a great network, with hundreds of bingo sites under their reign. They know how to create great games, and update their websites regularly, there will always be something new for you to enjoy! What are you waiting for? Hop on Chit Chat Bingo and claim the new player bonuses while you can!

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