Cyber Bingo Salutes Peace with $3,000-Worth Cash Prizes on Armistice Day

18 Nov

Free bingo onlineAt the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1919, one of the worst periods of human history came to an end. This was the moment when the World War One finally stopped. After millions of soldiers killed and millions of civilians left without homes, the Great War ended. Because of the horror this conflict produced, the Armistice Day is not celebrated as a victory day, but as a day that honors peace.

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The lessons learned in the WWI need to stay in the minds of humanity forever in order to avoid something like that happening again. For that reason, the Armistice Day deserves everyone’s attention. People from Cyber Bingo realize this, which is why they wanted to remind their players of it by running a promotion with $3,000 guaranteed prize pool.

How to Join the Celebration?

In the United States, the Armistice Day is known as the Veteran’s Day, which honors all people who have ever fought for this country. This is why the name of Cyber Bingo’s promotion is the $3,000 Veteran’s Day Guaranteed.

In order to get a part of it, you need to play bingo games in the Autumn Bingo room, starting from 9:00PM EST. Each card for these game costs $2.50, but on the Veteran’s Day, you can get 2 for free if you buy 3 of them at once.

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