A Dundee Man Becomes the First National Prize Winner in a Cashino Venue

7 Jan

Last week, the weather in Scotland was pretty bad, with the temperatures below the freezing point. One man from Dundee, though, didn’t care much about the weather as he had different things on his mind. A few days ago, Jack Law, won a national prize at Cashino’s Adult Gaming Centre, which brought him an extra £2,500!

He won the prize after calling on 47 numbers, which is something that no person has struck before at a Cashino. According to Jack, who’s been a regular at Cashino or over a decade, winning the prize was rather unexpected. He says that although he was hoping for it, he couldn’t believe it wasn’t a dream when it happened.

As soon as he and his friends realized that he won the prize, the Cashino manager, James Grant, opened a champagne bottle in Jack’s honor. According to the manager, the celebration was huge not only because everyone was happy about Jack Law, but also because Cashino Dundee became the first non-bingo hall to win such a prize!

So, what is Cashino Exactly?

Although it’s not a bingo hall per se, Cashino is a venue that takes a part in the National Bingo Games since mid-2015. In fact, the Cashino family features a number of venues all across the United Kingdom. On top of that, Cashino also offers online gaming, with games like video slots.

Still, what attracts the most attention among Cashino players is bingo, especially now when Jack Law has won his 2.5k prize!

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