Farmer’s Wife Wins £1.2 million at Glossy Bingo

19 Nov

Free bingo onlineRecently, the life of an English woman changed completely. She used to be a modest wife of a farmer, but now she’s a millionaire! Mandy Bowman’s passion for bingo finally paid off when she won Glossy Bingo’s £1.2 million Major Millions progressive jackpot.

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Mandy Bowman’s Background

Mandy lives on a farm with her husband, to whom she’s married for the past 2 years. This story shows how life can turn in a second. Just a few weeks ago, her main concern was to feed the livestock, but now her biggest problems involve where to travel next!

Actually, that is a problem for her as her husband doesn’t have a passport. She wants to treat him with a honeymoon trip that they didn’t take when they got married. The problem is that without the passport, they can travel UK only.

According to Mandy, their honeymoon is going to be a trip to Scotland. However, they’ll have to wait a couple of months for that as despite being a rich woman now, Mandy Bowman has no intention to give up on their farm. In fact, she plans to expand it by opening a livery stable and an indoor riding school.

The first thing she wants to do with the money is to treat herself with an SUV. Although she’s a millionaire, Mandy doesn’t plan to stop playing bingo. According to her, Microgaming’s Glossy Bingo is one of her favorites as it offers not only bingo games, but slots as well, like Dragonz, Jungle Jim or Lost Vegas, for example.

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