Favorite Liverpool Bingo Club, the Kirkby, is Set for Closure

15 Feb

For years, Kirkby’s Gala Bingo Club was a favorite spot of bingo fans from Liverpool. Located in the centre of the Telegraph Way, the bingo club is counting its last days at this location. Apparently, Gala, the owner-company of the club, has decided to close the doors of Kirkby’s bingo hall forever!

The date of closure is rumored to be March 9, although the official confirmation is yet to come. Still, it seems that the rumors are true, as the company management has been selling the club’s inventory, including a number of slots and electronic bingo machines.

Everyone seems to be stunned by Gala’s decision to close Kirkby’s Bingo Club, which has been one of the most visited venues in the whole city of Liverpool. The club has been generating profits, not just from bingo, but also from meals and drinks served at the club’s restaurant. On top of that, the club even has its own parking lot, with enough space for more than 360 cars.

Those who keep Kirkby’s Bingo Club in their heart still have a chance to say farewell as the club will operate normally until 9th March. This includes the Valentine’s Day, for which Kirkby’s Gall Bingo Club has scheduled a special bingo night.

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