Four Great Ways to Enjoy Bingo on Your Television

5 Mar

The game of bingo is one of those games that is fun for everyone. That is because anyone has a chance to win, no matter how old you are, and all of us have played the game at some point in our lives. This is why it is such a fun activity. In bingo news, now that fun is being brought to television in four new game shows that could be hitting the air soon. Take a look at the fun that is coming.

Googlebingo – What better combination than to combine America’s favorite board game with the company that provides you the No. 1 search engine. That is the incredible combination that combines these two into one great gameshow that the whole family will love.

This game gives you the opportunity to feel like you are at the bingo hall watching a great game going on, while not having to spend your own money to enjoy the fun. You can enjoy the characters playing and get the enjoyment of seeing who will be the first to yell “BINGO!” Great for the whole family.

Deal or No Deal Bingo – for those who loved the show Deal or No Deal, you are going to love this bingo version. This takes the best elements of both games and combines them into a great television show that you are going to love.

What makes this game different is that this is not about choosing which case you think the prize is not in. Instead, it is about how far you are willing to go to see where the bingo balls land. A play too long and you can find yourself losing or will the person be the big bingo winner?

First (Bingo) Date –if you are looking to add a little romance to bingo in a fun way, then this is the perfect option for you. Not only are contestants trying to win the big prize, but they are also pitting in a format where they are getting to meet new people that could potentially be the person of their dreams.

What a classic challenge this puts together as a person is taking the risk of throwing away the big prize at a chance at love, or going for the cash and ruining his or her chances with someone they could grow to love.

Bingo SOS – There are all kinds of shows that help people to improve their lives or make something about where they live a whole lot better. This bingo game offers contestants some help from their community where they can get help in a variety of ways, not only in the bingo, but in life in general. If you are looking for a show with a lot of emotion to it, then this is one you are going to love. The community is involved and that makes it so much more touching.

You may not have thought bingo could be a lot of fun to watch, but these shows are sure to capture your attention and keep you hooked. If you are looking to add a new show to your prime time viewing, you sure won’t want to pass up on any of these four.

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