Gala Bingo Adds New Ways to Win with Sidebets Function

9 Sep

Free bingo onlineGala Bingo is always looking for new ways to give players an even greater chance to win while still having a lot of fun playing. Now they have come out with a new feature that should really make bingo even more enjoyable. This newest feature, side bets, gives players on the 90s ball bingo games the opportunity to use this new feature.

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What this feature does is allow players to place for different bets on the outcome of any bingo game that they are participating in. The one requirement for this is that they must have purchased at least one ticket for the game itself. Once they have used the sidebet function, they are then prompted to place their bet on such chances as whether the last number will be odd or even, whether it will be a double number, whether it will be high or low, or even the color of the final ball that is chosen.

This new functionality gives players that little extra incentive to place different kinds of bets on outcomes of bingo games that they normally wouldn’t have thought to place a wager on before. This means that they can focus on the game at hand while still being given additional options to win even if their card doesn’t provide them the winning bingo selection.

For more than 20 years UK Bingo has been providing fun for players who have been participating in Gala Bingo. More than 5 million members belong to this club and prizes that exceed more than £42million are given out each and every week.

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