Grandmother of 11 Children Decides to Spend Her Bingo Prize on a Family Holliday in Spain!

19 Oct

Free bingo onlineMary Fuller, a 73-year-old, likes spending her free time playing bingo. She is still employed as a part time customer service assistant at Barker Road’s B&Q, so she doesn’t have too much time for her bingo nights. In fact, she only plays it a few times a week.

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On the faithful night, Mary paid £1 for a bingo ticket at Maidstone’s Gala Bingo, but that was enough to win the £20,000 prize!

Mary has been playing bingo for over thirty years, but apart from a few modest wins, she wasn’t too successful in it. When she realized that she won £20, she burst into tears. According to her, she was shocked and scared.  Her mixed feelings got in order soon enough and she started thinking about how to spend it.

Mary plans to give the most of the money to her family. She is a mother of 5 and has 11 grandchildren, so her wish is to treat them for Christmas. The only thing she’d like for herself is a trip to Spain. Her and her husband Amos spent an unforgettable holiday in Tenerife this summer and would like to go back there again.

Mary says that her husband actually hated bingo, but he admitted on changing his views after this. It seems Mary is on the winning streak as a few days after winning the 10k, she won a month of free bingo games!

Mrs. Fuller wasn’t the only lucky winner that day. In fact, two other players won their share of £40,000 prize pool.

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