Great News for Tombola Fans – the Free Fiver Promotion is back!

27 Sep

 Free bingo onlineIf you are a longtime devotee of Tombola, you are probably familiar with the promotion named “Free Fiver”. Basically, loyal members are rewarded with a free £5 bonus. Tombola started with rewarding the players on September 19th and will finish on October 28th.

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How does it Work?

Well, Tombola didn’t want to simply give away the rewards as it would be rather dull. Instead, the online casino decided to give out the bonuses in relation to players’ names. Each day during the campaign, all players whose last name starts with a certain letter will get the prize. For example, the first day, Tombola rewarded with bonuses only those users whose last name starts with A.

Once the day comes for you to win the reward, you will have to visit the Tombola website and log on to your account.  When you click the Claim Now button, you will be credited with the £5 bonus. That is all you have to do to claim it – no additional deposits are required!

Who Can Claim the Bonus?

There are some requirements that you need to fulfill in order to receive this bonus. As Tombola intended it for loyal players, the £5 reward is given to only those users who have already staked more than £20 of real money and have claimed no more than one £5 bonus.

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