Have the Best Month of Your Life with £100k on Mirror Bingo

2 Jul

Apart from being among the most prolific news outlets, Mirror is also venturing in Bingo. On their official website, mirrorbingo.com, you can pick from dozens of games, while they have a special surprise for this July. On the first weekend of the month, a lucky winner will get the amazing jackpot of £100,000. The game starts at 1st July and the jackpot of £85,000 will increase with three ball calls per day until the 4th July, which is the official end date.

Mirror decided to change the life of a lucky person by providing amazing prizes this month. Mirror Bingo gives out the £85,000 escalator jackpot this month, on top of £15,000 guarantee game prizes. Each ticket costs either 20p or 40 p, meaning that nothing is stopping you from playing.

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Who Can Play?

Mirror Bingo is registered at the United Kingdom and is under the jurisdiction of this country’s gambling law. Because of that, only UK residents are eligible to participate and those people residing in countries that do not prohibit online gambling. The minimum age of those who can participate in the Mirror Bingo is 18.

If you go to Mirror Bingo right now, you will see that the website is offering a special deal. They will let you play with £40 after spending only £10. To grab the bonus offer, simply go to the official website of Mirror Bingo, register and claim your bonus.

Which Mirror Bingo Room to Choose?

Get in the chase for the £100k prize by joining the Coffee Break room of the Mirror Bingo. The game is the 75-ball bingo that enables you to win money in two ways. Apart from the old-fashioned jackpot, you can also win cash prizes and bonuses if the numbers on your ticket fill up a set pattern, such as a cocktail glass or a dollar sign.

Other Interesting Rooms

Every day, Mirror offers five different Bingo Lynx games for their users, with prizes ranging from £500 to £6,000 if you win the jackpot in the 90-ball bingo game. There’s also a faster version of the 90-ball game, which goes all the time. However, the prizes for this type are lower, starting from £7.

Another popular room in Mirror Bingo is the Thrifty 90 room, with some really attractive prizes. For the ticket prices of just 1p, this game gives away a lot of amazing prizes. Apart from jackpot, you can also win all sorts of promotions, like Penny Bingo or BOGOF (Buy One Get One for Free) hours.

How to Play Mirror Bingo?

Rules for Bingo are pretty simple and Mirror Bingo doesn’t differ. Basically, all you have to do upon finishing the registration process is to log in to your profile and choose the room called Coffee Break.  Click on the “Play Me” button and buy as many tickets as you like. You can choose the software to automatically dab the numbers on your tickets or, if you prefer, you can do it yourself.  No need to worry about missing a number as if you are the winner, the website will notify you.

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