How to Put Together Your Own Bingo Event

3 Sep

No matter what kind of event you have planned, the goal of the event is to get as many people involved. You want to make it an event that is fun for everyone to participate in and that is one of the challenges that is to be faced. How do you find something that is fun for all ages and types of people? It is not easy at all.

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The fact of the matter is that the perfect event that everyone seems to enjoy is bingo. This age old game is one that everyone will enjoy, and if you are looking to put together a fund raiser where you can raise some money and still provide a fun time for everyone involved, then bingo is the perfect event to choose.

Bingo works so well for many reasons. Beyond the fact that everyone seems to like playing it, it is also a game where everyone is involved. You have many people in the same room all cheering and ahhing as they await hearing the letter and number they need to win the big prize. With each combination that is called the tension gets bigger and everyone feels like they are just a ball or two away from winning. It is one of the best events that you can opt for as your next fundraiser.

If you think this is the perfect option for your next event, here is how to put on a great bingo game.

Gather Volunteers to Assist

The key to any fundraiser is to make sure that you get a good group of volunteers together and if you decide to put a bingo event on this is not an exception at all. You need lots of people to play a part in making this work, and it starts with making sure that your event is well publicized. If no person shows, then you will not do well at all. This means you need to find a group of people that know how to get the word out. Even if you don’t have a big PR campaign, you will still need a lot of flyers handed out, a lot of word of mouth to go on, and maybe even a lot of phone calls to be made.

Once you have reached the event date, you will need people to help set up, hand out cards, collect money, and call out the numbers. You will also need concessions people, and people to clean up.

Organize the Event

Most people don’t think of this, but the actual organizing itself can be the hardest part to put together. There is a lot of stuff that you need to make happen and to gather to successfully put your event on. You need plenty of tables and chairs right off. If you have really publicized this well, this can mean that you need hundreds of spots for people to be able to sit.

With that many people you need plenty of cards for the game. You will need lots of people to provide cards and collect money, at least one volunteer for every 25 people that are playing the game. You will need enough concessions to serve all those people food, and enough people working to keep the line at the concession stands moving along.

You need to write down a list of all you will need, and put someone in charge of each of the main categories. Keep on top to make sure progress is being made so your event goes off smoothly.


While many bingo games offer money as the prize, there are lots of others that offer different prizes, like candy, toys, or even turkeys. Make sure you have your prizes figured out and that you have plenty available to give away. A good rule is to have too much than too little. If you wind up with more than you need, you can always offer additional games.

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