Internet Poker Myths

30 Jan

free bingo onlineYou can also find a wide variety of stakes levels and game types to enjoy.  Nevertheless, some myths about online poker do persist that might make you worry about playing online.  Let’s look at a few of them and what you should really expect.

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Myth 1:  Internet Poker Rooms Create Addiction

Internet poker rooms do not create addiction.  While some people do have addictive tendencies, playing poker online is no more addictive than playing it offline in a real casino.  The only big difference is in the number of hands played.

You see, online poker is automated.  You don’t need to wait for a real dealer to deal the cards and players can take their turns faster.  That means that hands can fly by at a much faster rate.  Also, using the Internet can allow you to play on multiple online poker tables at once.  These are all good things, but they can make you lose money (or gain it) faster than in a live casino.

Myth 2:  Playing Online Poker Isn’t Secure

Online poker rooms usually go to great lengths to ensure that the personal information of the players is secure.  That’s just good business sense.  They want their players to be happy.  So, they use security encryption and they also pay winners promptly, when those winners request cash outs.

It is true that the poker websites themselves can’t control everything, however.  There are, unfortunately, hackers and identity thieves out there.  So, it’s always a good idea to invest in good security software of your own and use it frequently, if you intend to play poker online.

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