Intriguing Facts Regarding The Game Of Bingo

4 May

Free bingo onlineBingo is a very popular game that is played across the country and across the globe. The rules of the game are pretty simple and well known. However, there are a lot of facts about the game of Bingo that people are unaware of. Bingo is not just a game for little old ladies. It is now a booming game that has players of all ages. Now that the game of Bingo has become so popular, folks are beginning to yearn for more information about one of their favorite games.

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Where did Bingo Begin?

One interesting fact about the game of Bingo is that it was invented by a man named Edwin S. Lowe. Edwin Lowe was a toy salesman from New York who worked underneath a man known as Carl Lefler. Carl Lefler was a professor of mathematics at the prestigious Columbian University. The two men vigorously worked together to create over six thousand Bingo card combinations. Once Bingo cards, rules, and the overall game were introduced, it became a big hit in Germany. In fact, the Germans used the Bingo cards as an education tool that was meant to help students learn how to memorize their multiplication tables. This is just one of the many interesting and intriguing facts about the game of Bingo that players are not aware of. During the early eighteen hundreds, vicious rumors regarding Carl Lefler began to spread like wildfire. People were saying that after creating the six thousand unique combinations of Bingo cards, Lefler went mad. Whether or not the rumor is true still remains unclear to this day.

How is Bingo Different in the United Kingdom Compared to the United States?

In the United Kingdom, Bingo cards are known as housies. Also, Bingo cards in America are a lot different than the cards used in the United Kingdom. The same basic rules apply, but the United States and the United Kingdom still to this day use different Bingo cards. Studies have shown staggering statistics that prove Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world. In fact, studies have shown that Americans have spent a whopping ninety million dollars on Bingo cards in just a seven day period. That means a lot of Americans are playing Bingo like it is going out of style. American Bingo cards have five by five spaces. On the other hand, Bingo in the United Kingdom has nine columns and three rows.

Facts about Bingo Number Combinations

Another fact about the game of Bingo is that there are trillions of number combinations of Bingo cards across the entire globe.  That is a lot of different possible number combinations. The United Kingdom has combinations of numbers that run from one all the way to ninety while America has one through seventy five combinations. There are even doing it yourself Bingo cards that allow players to use their own images and customize their cards to meet their own personal preferences. There are so many fun facts about the game of Bingo.

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