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4 Sep

Iceland Bingo has been partnering with Iceland Foods for some time now, which means that they have the ability to offer customers vouchers as prizes, which is what they do all the time.

The Iceland Bingo remains a part of the Dragonfish network, but they also offer a large number of rooms that are specifically available for Iceland Bingo players. If you go to the site, look for the Big Night in the Freezer link and follow that to find a room.

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This site earned the WhichBingo Award as Best Boutique Online Bingo Site in 2014. It is because of the unusual design and the fact that they offer a lot different products and services than you would find in most Dragonfish associated sites. They have also been named as the champions for low level deposits made by customers. The fact is that smaller bingo sites get pushed aside by the bigger sites, but this is one that has a proven track record and is here to stay.

In June 2016, a big revision of the site was made, using the new Dragonfish software. This new look gives a whole new look and feel to the site, making you feel like you have entered a whole new world in comparison. If you have not been to the site in sometime, take a look and you will find that it is quite impressive.

There is a whole lot to like about the site beyond the fact that withdrawals are processed a whole lot faster. This includes:

Offers to New Players

As a welcome bonus to those who are waiting for new players to join the Iceland Bingo, a 300 percent and 10 bonus spins are offered on Fluffy Too. This welcome bonus is given as a deposit of £50 right away*.

There are additional offers you want to be aware of this. This includes £10 to £50 if you earn bonus plays of £150 or more.

You can also play free bingo without having to make any kind of deposit at all. This gives you the opportunity to try it out before you actually play for real.

*This offer is for new players only. All wagering requirements still apply. See the website’s policies for full details.


There are many offers that you will find on the site for reloads. You can also find deals through text messages and email.

The daily guaranteed jackpot games can be worth anywhere from £50 to £1,500 for all coverall games.

The Freezer – this is one of the exclusive rooms on the Iceland Bingo. This means that here are a whole lot more opportunities to win. This is open from 6 pm to 8 pm each day and tickets range from 1p to 2p. Prices include a cash offer of £50, plus there are Iceland Food vouchers that are as much as £70 each week.

Pennies Make Pounds – between 12 pm and 3 pm each day you can join the exclusive Iceland Pennies Make Pounds room. The pots that can be earned reach as much as £30, plus you can join in playing bingo for free at the beginning of each hour. The game starts at 1p per player, but now you can get two tickets for FREE at 1 pm and 2 pm each day.

The Big Night in the Room – this game is funded exclusively by players from Iceland. You can join from 8 pm to midnight each day and offers the very best in bargain bingo at just 1p. There are some jackpots that are guaranteed to £50. The BOGOF deals offer a great loyalty point’s bonus.

Great September and October Deals

£15,000 Iceland Gift Voucher game – this is an exclusive deal that is just for Iceland Bingo players. This game will take place on October 31, 2016 at 9 pm and offers five lines with 75 bingo balls. Each line is worth £3,000 in Iceland vouchers. The tickets to join are just 10p and are found in the lobby where you would find the £15,000 tab.\

The maximum number of tickets available for purchase is 96 and you cannot purchase with cash. The prize will be awarded in £750 installments and represents a shopping budget of £60 per week.

Customer Support

If you need support you can contact the Help Room at 0800 901 2510 or email them using the form on the site.

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