LBB Showing They Care about Breast Cancer Awareness

29 Oct

Each year, hundreds of thousands of woman all around the world are diagnosed with breast cancer, one of the leading causes of death among women. October is breast cancer awareness month and LBB is showing that they care as well.

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During the month of October, LBB is giving away $150 in LCB chips to those who are or have suffered from breast cancer or to those who are closely related to someone that is battling or has battled the disease. This is a very tough time in the life of the woman and her family, and LBB wants to show that they care.

While this is not the solution to illness, LBB wants women and their families to know that they are participating to help make people aware of the illness and the need to find solutions to solve this problem. All that anyone needs to do to participate in the contest is to wear a pink ribbon at anyone of the bingo sites. That automatically includes you in the contest. Since these sites are online, you simply take a picture of you wearing pink or wearing a pink ribbon and post it. That automatically enters you in.

Each night a series of prizes will be given that total $150. This will be divided as follows:

1st Place – $50 in LCB Shop chips

2nd Place – $30 in LCB Shop chips

3rd Place – $20 in LCB Shop chips

4th – 6th Place Winners – $10 LCB Shop chips

7th – 10th Place Winners – $5 LCB Shop chips

The contest starts on October 22nd and continues until midnight on October 31st.

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