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5 Aug

The objective of a bingo game is to be the first player to complete a specified game pattern on a bingo card. The first player to complete the game is awarded the corresponding prize for that particular game. Multiple winners on the same game share the prize money equally.

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Bingo Cards

A single bingo card or face consists of 24 numbers and one free space. Below is an example of a bingo card:

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The B Column: The first column, the “B” consists of five random, non-repeating numbers from 1 to 15.
The I Column: The second column, the “I” column consists of five random, non-repeating numbers from 16 to 30.
The N Column: The third column, the “N” column consists of 4 random, non-repeating numbers from 31 to 45 and also contains one ‘free space’
The G Column: The fourth column, the “G” column consists of 5 random, non-repeating numbers from 46 to 60.
The O Column: The fifth column, the “O” column consists of five random, non-repeating numbers from 61 to 75.

Marking Bingo Paper

Player’s use an ink dabber to mark each number leaving a permanent record of each number called on the bingo paper.

Game Patterns

The objective of a bingo game is to be the first player to achieve a specific game pattern. There are a number of different game patterns to play bingo and below are some of the most frequently used patterns played at the International Centre Bingo.

One Line Bingo

This is one of the most common game patterns used in bingo. To win a one-line bingo, a player must be the first to have dabbed any straight line on a bingo card. The straight one-line bingo pattern can be diagonal, horizontal or vertical.

Two Line Bingo

This is another common bingo game pattern, and it often follows the completion of a one-line bingo game. A two-line bingo pattern is any two straight lines in any combination on a bingo card.

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Full Card Bingo

Another common bingo game pattern is the full card where all numbers are dabbed. This game pattern is played on all of our jackpot games.


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Other Game Patterns Played at the International Centre Bingo

Some game patterns are very specific, such as the “Centre Cross” or “Inside Square” pattern.

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How the Game is Played

First, a player purchases bingo books and cards for the event. Each bingo game has a corresponding coloured bingo card, game pattern and prize amount.

The caller randomly draws bingo balls from an approved bingo machine, then displays and announces the drawn number. Once the caller announces the randomly drawn number, each player checks their cards and If the number called appears on their bingo card(s), they dab that number with a bingo dabber.

The caller continues to call bingo numbers until a player achieves the designated game pattern to claim a valid winning bingo. Player must yell “Bingo” for hall staff to verify their card.

The winning bingo card is verified electronically by the caller, and if it’s a valid claim, the player wins the designated prize for that game. If there is more than one valid bingo on the game, the prize is split equally amongst the winners.

Types of Paper

The International Centre Bingo offers two different types of bingo paper, Random and Daball, and each type of paper is sold in strips of three (3) faces.

Random Paper

With random paper, a bingo number can appear up to a maximum of 3 times per strip (once for each face). For example, in the card below, ‘B1’ appears three times, ‘B10’ twice and ‘B6’ zero times. With random paper, players must check every face for a called number.

Daball Paper

With daball paper, a bingo number will only appear once down the strip. When a bingo number is called the player knows that they will have to ‘dab’ this number only once for every strip of three faces, (see an example of a DABALL strip below).

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The B Column consists of numbers from 1 to 15.

In the Daball strip above you will see that the numbers 1 to 15 appear only once in the B column. This applies to 16 to 30 in I, 46 to 60 in G and 61 to 75 in the O column. Since there is a “free space” associated with each face in the N column, 3 numbers from 31 to 45 will appear in the free space. Above, the numbers N32, N37 and N39 occupy the free spaces. Daball paper is user friendly and allows customers to play more bingo cards.

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