Little Known Facts and Tidbits Regarding the Game of Bingo

12 May

Bingo is a popular game that is played across the nation and around the globe. It is a lottery type game that dates back centuries, but is still popular in today’s modern times. The history of the game of Bingo can be dated all the way back to the year fifteen thirty in Italy. The Italians referred to the game of Bingo as “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia.” When the game was first introduced into the United States it did not go by the name that everyone has come to know.

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The Many Names of Bingo

Instead of being called Bingo, the game was called beano. Beano was a type of game that only was found at county fairs in the country. Discs that were numbered were pulled out of a cigar box. Players marked cards with beans. The dealer of the game would then determine a winner. The French referred to the game as Le Lotto. The game was used in France to help teach students basic math and language skills such as the alphabet and counting skills. The game of Bingo has not only been around for many decades. It also has been called a wide variety of names over the years.

History of the Game of Bingo

The game of Bingo did not become popular in the United States until around the beginning of the nineteenth century. The game was first introduced to players in Atlanta, Georgia at a local carnival. It is so odd that a game that is so well known come from such humble roots. The game did not become to be called Bingo until a toy salesman dubbed the name during the nineteen twenties. Edwin S. Lowe got the idea to name the game Bingo and distribute it because he accidently heard someone yell bingo instead of beano. The name stuck and has been one of the most popular games in the history of mankind.

How the Game of Bingo was developed into the Modern Day Game We Know Today

A Columbia University professor spends countless hours creating the various number combinations in order for Edwin S. Lowe to market the game to the public masses. Carl Leftler was the name of the university professor whom successfully developed six thousand different bingo combinations over a period of ten years. There were rumors that circled around stating the Carl Leftler, the Columbia University professor whom invented the number combinations, later went insane from his devotion to the task. Whether or not these rumors are true is unclear. However, plenty of Bingo players are thankful to Carl Leftler and Edwin S. Lowe for creating such a wonderful and popular game.  Bingo is a game that has a long and interesting history that is nothing short of fascinating. By the mid nineteen thirties, Edwin S. Lowe had successfully raked in ten thousand dollars. Today, statistics state that over ninety billion dollars is spent on the game of Bingo in North America each and every year. That is mind blowing.

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