Make Your Online Bingo Experience That Little Bit Sweeter with These Simple Tips!

17 Aug

Free bingo onlineBingo is fun, right? It is played by millions of people all around the world every day. They test their luck in order to try and attempt to win that huge cash prize. There’s not a better feeling when all your numbers get drawn and you win! It’s also fun to talk to others in the chat whilst you play. It’s a great passing time. However, having fun also shouldn’t really be that difficult to do.

Do you want to learn about free bingo online game?

There are a few little things you can do to help make your online bingo experience that little bit sweeter. I’ll be going over a few steps in order to generally make your life a lot easier.

Change Your Deposit Payment Method

Putting in your card details every time you want to make a deposit can get very repetitive and tiresome after a while. There’s also always the chance that some of you may be worried about having your card details on the website you play bingo on since it is after all sensitive information.

The solution to this is to start using Phone Bill Depositing.

Free bingo onlineFree bingo online

It is being implemented as a banking method by more and more casinos by the day. It is fast, efficient and secure when it comes to depositing money, which is why it is a reliable option.

This works by you sending a text or making a call to require a deposit. The money will then be added onto your monthly phone bill. What’s better is that you don’t even need the money upfront, it’s a buy now pay later kind of situation.

Use a Mobile Casino App Instead of a Web Version

It’s no secret that mobile gaming in general is taking over. It has its positives and negatives, but one huge advantage would be that you’re able to play it whilst you’re out and about. Feeling bored whilst waiting for the bus? Just get out your phone and start playing bingo!

Don’t limit your options, download your favourite casino app from the store and start playing.

Truth be told, not every single casino out there actually offers phone bill depositing. It comes to more of a surprise that it’s the most popular and leading casinos such as Foxy Bingo and Gala that don’t offer this option. It’s strange that these are the casinos you hear about the most, but they don’t have everything that smaller casinos offer.

Some casinos are more generous than others. Some offer you bigger sign up bonuses than others. The terms and conditions vary depending on the casino, but usually they match your deposit up to a certain amount. However much you deposit, the casino will match that and give you the same amount in free bets to use on bingo up to a certain amount!

Here are a few bingo sites I liked the most and I recommend you try out if you haven’t already.

  1. Ladylucks

Free bingo online  LadyLucksLadylucks is a mobile app which allows players to play bingo on their mobile devices such as your phone or tablet. You are able to either play in the browser or download the app. Downloading the app would be more stable and a better experience overall.

The overall layout of the app is incredible. It’s one of the easiest apps you can navigate through so easily. It’s obvious that LadyLucks likes to pay attention to detail.  It’s a great choice for regular bingo players as you won’t get a much better experience elsewhere.

Don’t be turned off because it’s a mobile game. The cash prizes are incredibly large and it goes all the way up to £1,000,000!

Free bingo online LadyLucks - Image 01What’s more is that they are very social on Facebook. They often post competitions for their loyal players in order to give back to their community. You must firstly join the community at and then all of you have to do is keep an eye out for their competitions. They also post about their latest offers and promotions as well as notify you of when players have won a huge amount of cash. They also show you previews for the newest games. So it’s worth joining if you’re a regular user.

Signing up

It’s very simple to sign up, just follow the verification link.

Games They Have to Offer

They have a huge variation of games on their website. These games vary from Bingo to Blackjack and even slots.  It’s safe to say that you won’t lose interest whilst playing anytime soon, what’s more is that they often bring out new games to keep things interesting. There’s nothing worse than replaying the same game over and over again.

Sign up Bonuses and Exclusive Rewards

They have a great range of promotions/offers on their casino. Below are just a few of the many they have to offer.Free bingo online  LadyLucks - Bingo Bonuses

  • £20 free bonus with no deposit required when you join, which is twice as much as what most casinos offer.
  • First deposit is matched 100% up to £500! This is incredible. This much of a matched bonus is incredibly rare to see. The most a typical casino offers is up to £100.
  • Earn £20 for referring a friend to the site
  • Regular Facebook competitions and giveaways as well as regular promotions!


LadyLuck accept one of the sufficient depositing methods; this would be Phone Bill Depositing as well as the standard methods of using your credit/debit cards, Ukash, Paysafecard and even PayPal


Overall, LadyLucks is generally s great place to play bingo. It offers everything you could possibly want and aren’t many bad things to say about it. However, the only drawback is the fact that unless you deposit through visa, you are forced to cash out your winning via check. Even if you deposit through PayPal, you have to withdraw via check which takes 3-5 days. If you’re a patient person, then this is the casino for you.

  1. Touch My Bingo

Free bingo online TouchmybingoTouch My Bingo is designed to be played on your mobile device, but is it also available to play on your web browser if mobile isn’t not an option or a preference for you. They have several different types of games to play which does include Bingo. Touch My Bingo also offer their users a large jackpot, which does draw a lot of attention.

They also have a blog which they regularly post on. Majority of their posts include information such as promotions, competitions and quizzes. These bingo quizzes allow users to win a few extra bonuses. Similar to LadyLucks, Touch My Bingo is also very sociable on Twitter and Facebook. They give away regular bonuses and cash prizes to their loyal players.

One thing Touch My Bingo favors is their popular chat rooms; there are always people to talk to if that’s something you’re interested in.

Signing Up

Free bingo online Touchmybingo - Image 02The website will ask for your phone number. All you have to do it follow the verification link, they send you. It’s a pretty simple set up.

Games They Have to Offer

With over 30 different games, there’s never going to be a dull moment. They have games such as Bingo, Blackjack, Slots and Roulette and do regularly input new games to keep things fresh. The one unique game it does have to offer is a game called “One Minute Bingo’. It is very fast paced and it’s good for fast action if you prefer getting through games faster.

Sign up Bonuses and Exclusive Rewards

They currently offer the following offers and more on their website.Free bingo online Touchmybingo - Great Jackpot

  • 5 Free bonuses with no deposit required when you join.
  • 100% Match on your first deposit up to £150! – This is not as good as LuckyLady, but it is still more than what the average casino offers.
  • Monthly prize draws and weekly offers.
  • VIP scheme – gives special rewards to those signed up.
  • £20 Bonus when you refer a friend to their website.


Like LadyLucks, Touch My Bingo also offers Phone Bill Depositing.  A faster and secure way of depositing money onto the website. And you don’t need upfront money; it’s added to your monthly phone bill.

They also have the option to deposit via Credit/Debit cards, Ukash and even Paysafecard.


Unfortunately, they don’t really offer than many Bingo rooms to choose from, which definitely lessen your chance of winning since more people are in less rooms. But the waiting time to actually play a game is low, so if you like to play a lot and don’t like the waiting in between games, then Touch My Bingo is a great option for you.

The one feature that sticks out above the rest if the populated chat rooms. This makes Bingo that little bit more entertaining.

  1. Moobile Games

Free bingo online MoobilegamesMoobile Games is a relatively new casino, but that doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t compete with the top tier casinos that we already know of. As you can obviously tell by the name, it is a casino specifically for mobile devices. With the simple and neat layout and the colourful HD games, Moobile games does has a lot more to offer than you may think.

Moobile Games also has a blog they regularly update to keep their users up to date with the latest news, promotions, and their exclusive bonuses along with regular competitions.

Everything about this casino is just simple, yet it is eye catching. It works very well. The games are very simple, yet just as entertaining as any complex game. Bugs and glitches are non-existent due to their simplicity. It’s truly all about the playing, and not the worrying.

Signing Up

This is very similar to the other two casinos. Input your mobile number on their website and you’ll receive a verification link to sign up with.

Games They Offer

Free bingo online MoobileGames - Weekly offersThey offer a wide variety of different games. They also include ‘Classic Bingo’ which appeals to myself and I’m sure it appeals to many other players as well that like it simple. They offer 30+ different games from Roulette to Blackjack and even Slots.

Sign up Bonuses and Exclusive Rewards

Moobile Games offer the following:

  • £5 bonus for registering, no deposit required, which is brave for casinos to do since they have the potential of not gaining any profit.
  • 100% match on your first, second and third deposits! This is great, one of the best matched bets offers on the market right now!
  • Exclusive bonuses send to you via text.


Moobile Games also offer Phone Bill Depositing as a method of depositing.

You also have the option to deposit using Credit/Debit card, Ukash and PayPal.


Don’t let the short Bingo games have you turning your head. The jackpots are just as high as the longer games! This is a very good option for those looking for one quick game, or simply enjoy their Bingo fast paced. I certainly do sometimes.

Whilst the £5 free bonus is a nice addition to get new players started, it’s a shame that they cap your winnings to £50 if you don’t make a deposit. If you win a huge jackpot worth £1000 for example, you’ll only receive £50 unless you make a deposit.

But overall, it’s a great casino.

To Sum Everything Up

As you can tell, Bingo can easily be made simpler with just a few little tips.

Free bingo online

There’s plenty of casinos out there which all may offer something unique to their players, but it’s about looking for the casino that works for you.

There’s also something else you should look out. Some casinos have the intentions of taking and not giving back. There have been some cases where some players have had their accounts closed after winning a huge amount because they company believes they aren’t profitable for their business. These are the casinos you need to be careful of.

Make sure you read up on reviews on that specific casino before ever considering making a deposit, otherwise there’s a chance you might not get that money back.  Make sure you check Bingo Port’s reviews!

Please note: there are plenty of casinos out there that offer Phone Billing Deposits. There are plenty of them out there; you just need to look around.

Most of online casino has free bingo online tables to play

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