Making Sure You Use the Right Bingo Slang and Lingo

14 Jun

Free bingo onlineMany different gamers know that there are different lingos used in the games that they are playing. Actually, computer and web users also know that there is a whole new language out there they that use on a daily basis. Even those who text a lot use OMG and BRB quite frequently. There is also a whole new lingo in the world of Bingo. Either online or playing face to face, there are many words that you should know so that you can be sure that you know what is being said during your next Bingo game.

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Bingo Lingo

Bingo players that have been in the business for a while know all of the lingo, rules, and slang. Those of you who are new to the game need to know some of the lingo in order to make sure you know exactly what is going on at all times. Bonanza Bingo is a game of Bingo where the entire card must be covered up in order to win. Generally, this is the 13th game of a Bingo tournament. There is usually a very large jackpot to be won during a Bonanza Bingo and it is determined by how many players buy cards and put money into the pot.

Money Ball is the first number that is called at the beginning of a game. If you win the game and that number was on your card, you will receive double the amount of the jackpot. There are so few people who can ever win with the Money Ball so when you do, it can be very exciting.

Blackouts and Jackpots

Along with some of the other lingo, many new players are not aware of words like Progressive Jackpot. This is when there is a jackpot for the big winners, but it continues to grow after each game. This happens when no one wins the first few pots and they continue to buy more and more Bingo cards. A Quickie may not be what you think it is. Although this is a speedy version of Bingo. The numbers are called incredibly fast and this is a game for those who get bored waiting too long. You have to stay focused for Quickies though or you will lose track of the numbers that have been called. Lastly, there is the Texas Blackout. This is when all players will cover their even or odd numbers at the beginning of the game. Then, as more numbers get called, you will try and go for a complete card blackout. This is another fun spin on the game of Bingo that people like to try.

Once you get all of these terms down, you won’t be afraid to choose a new game to play. Keep in mind that there will also be different slang terms used in the chat rooms and on Bingo forums. You can easily pick up on most of these by doing a simple web search on chat slang.

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