Mark This Date – November 26th as that’s When Bingo Sky Will Host Its $50K Event

7 Dec

Free bingo onlineLess than ten days are left before one of the biggest bingo events this year. On November 26th, Bingo Sky is going to host the Big $50K Bingo Event. The best thing about this game is that the minimum guaranteed prize is $10,000.

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This is the biggest game of Bingo Sky this month, so you surely wanna be a part of it! The whole thing starts in the morning on November 26th. Your first chance to win nice cash is at 8AM EST at the Tourney Bingo Room where the first Top of the Hour game will be played. Two more games are scheduled for the following two hours, starting at 9AM and 10AM, respectively. Each card costs $2 and brings you a chance to win a total of $3,000.

Bingo Sky’s Big Game

At 11 AM the much-anticipated game will start! It brings you a chance to win the jackpot of $50,000! In order to compete for it, you will need to pay $5 for a card. The minimum guaranteed prize for this game is $10k, meaning that even if the big jackpot is not won, the prize won’t drop lower than 10 large!

This means that for just $5 bucks you can win a sum that will return all you’ve spent on Black Friday shopping, and leave plenty for Christmas. The best thing about it is that there aren’t any special requirements to get involved. All you got to do is buy a card for the 50k event!

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