More than £40,000 Awarded to Three Gala Bingo Maidstone Players

13 Oct

Free bingo onlineThe month of October has already brought a great treat for three players who won over £40,000 in prize money by simply playing £1 tickets. It is and amazing when for those who have participated in the fantastic Gala Bingo which is at Maidstone’s Gabriel’s Hill.

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The biggest winner of the mall was Mary Fuller who was the recipient of a £20,000 Maidstone Special, which is a contest that is played twice a day, every day during the promotion. It was truly a spectacular haul for Ms. Fuller, who was stunned when she found that she did was the winner of the huge price.

Two other players one lesser prizes that totaled £20,000 combined. While not gaining the same amount as Ms. Fuller, they were no less enthusiastic and excited about the victory that they had attained.

Members participating in Gala Bingo still have the entire month of October to continue to try to win one of these magnificent prizes each day. As mentioned, the contest occurs twice a day, every day giving you the opportunity to win big prizes that will make you truly excited about participating. At a cost of just £1 there is simply no beating it.

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