Neteller & Skrill Say Goodbye to Non-Euro Users, but there’s a Solution

8 Dec

Free bingo onlineOn 25th November, prepaid MasterCards issued by Skrill and Neteller stop being functional in the countries not using Euro as the currency. This decision affects users from all around the world as non-Euro countries are numerous. In fact, there are over 100 countries that fit in this category!

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To be fair, things are not as gloomy as they seem at the first look, because both Skrill and Neteller will remain active in those countries. The only change is that users from those countries will not be able to use the cards to get cash from ATMs or pay in stores.

Instead, they will have to either use these services for paying online or transfer the funds from their Skrill/Neteller to their bank accounts. The problem with the latter method is that it usually takes pretty long.

Best Alternatives for Skrill/Neteller

Bingo players shouldn’t be too worried about this news as there are alternatives. First of all, you can use PayPal, as a huge number of bingo sites accept this payment method. Some of the most popular bingo sites that accept PayPal include the following:

Right after Paysafe, the owner company of Skrill and Neteller, announced the decision to withdraw prepaid cards from non-Euro countries, certain rumors started spreading. One that seems pretty logical is that the decision will make many bingo websites to add new payment methods such as Bitcoin. A bingo site that has already been using it is BitBingo.

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