New Bingo Sites and New Bingo Bonuses

9 Jun

Each and every month, more and more people sign up to play online Bingo. There are many different bonuses for signing up and many of the online Bingo sites are featured monthly with what is new and upcoming for them. This month, one of the best Bingo sites on the web is being featured. This site is Bingo Fest. Bingo Fest has been online for about twenty years and more and more users are signing up daily. This site has also been featured as a couple of favorite sites of the month recently.

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Bingo Fest Promotions

Bingo Fest is based in the United States and they are very quick to give their users payouts. They are very respectful as far as customer service is concerned too. They also are featuring slot machine tournaments where the payouts have been huge! The month of June offers quite a few big raffles for players. There are all sorts of great prizes being given away such as a trip on a Royal Caribbean cruise plus huge cash jackpots. Their sister sites will also be having these amazing giveaways.

Spotlight On New Bingo Billy

New Bingo Billy is a fun site where fans of Bingo can get in on all of the action. This past Mother’s Day they gave away some incredible cash prizes and they saw their user numbers get higher and higher. This site is a lot of fun and has many different games on it as well as Bingo. They reward their users with Billy bucks and Billy coins. New players that sign up to play will get $100 bonus for just making the first deposit. When users have made 4 deposits, there will be a 504% bonus to show you just how much New Bingo Billy appreciates you playing with them.

New Bingo Billy has so much to offer its players. There are games that vary for one cent to $5 so there are options for players who’s bank accounts are running a little lower than usual. Anyone that refers a friend will get a 10% bonus once they make their first deposit after signing up. Keno and slots are also featured on this site and there are many players who you will be competing with. On top of that, you will have players that will give you some tips and helpful advice in the chat rooms if you need it. New Bingo Billy has been the site of the month for many different sites and once you sign up, you will understand why they are so popular. Give them a chance and you will start making some real cash in no time.

Bingo websites are a lot of fun if you really enjoy playing. If you are in the search for more cash and prizes, check out these websites. Keep an eye on all of the monthly bonuses and promotions that Bingo sites will do. You may be in for a real treat when you see your bank account double in size.

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