New Statements about Electronic Bingo made by Steve Marshall

17 Feb

2017 has started with news in the electronic bingo industry. Some of these were waited by users since the end of last year. Steve Marshall, the new attorney general in Alabama was awaited to hold a conference after being appointed to office on Friday. His statement was made as expected and important aspects regarding the legality of electronic bingo have been cleared by him.

An important mention that needed to be made from the beginning is that it is yet premature to estimate everything that will be done this year in terms of laws meant to govern electronic bingo. However, Steve Marshall said that the Supreme Court is the definitive authority in this industry thus has the capacity to come up with proper regulations to govern it.

Everyone was interested to discover more inside information from the controversy over electronic bingo that has never been a secret. Every factor involved in these operations had opinions to share and expectations regarding further regulations.

Therefore, bingo operators, who claimed that their machines are legal expect to receive proper authorization in several counties. On the other hand, the Supreme Court has considered these slot machines illegal for a long time because they did not match the traditional definition of the activity called bingo. Therefore, important steps still need to be taken to reach conclusions in this regard.

Steve Marshall declared that ‘we are considering an independent assessment based on the authorization we have received to act and we will act accordingly’. A full report is waited to be released in June.

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