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24 Feb

In case you have not heard of Fabulous Bingo yet, you should know that it represents the sister website of Sun Bingo, a famous name in the industry of bingo online games. This one is heavily based on the Sun fashion magazine and influenced by the greatest fashion capitals of the world.

The great news we got from them at the beginning of this year is their major website makeover. What did they have in mind for this? A more neutral gender focus so that women and men interested in bingo news would find it more appealing. They managed to achieve their goal perfectly because their audience has seriously increased since their major lift.

The whole perspective on change came after they migrated their website to the now famous Playtech software back in 2016. Numerous changes were required at that moment. This gave their specialists the necessary motivation to come up with updates that have taken all bingo play fans by surprise.

Moreover, new interesting tabs have been added to the whole online experience developed on their website. The bingolobby has thus been improved by adding the Home and What’s on sections that were necessary and have already proven their effectiveness for gamers and bingo like games fans.

In addition, you should also know that as soon as you start playing you can also make use of the Multi-room feature. This will allow you to play in up to three game of bingo rooms at the same time thus enhance your winning chances. Not to mention the exciting emoticons that will be there to ensure proper fun and motivation during your games.

Finally, this might be the opportunity you were waiting to become the new best bingo winner online and enjoy every experience with a pulsing heartbeat.

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