NYX Gaming Joins Forces with Olympic Entertainment Group

27 Nov

Free bingo onlineRecently, NYX Gaming has announced that they made a partnership deal with Olympic Entertainment Group, an international gaming corporation. Why is this important for bingo players? Because NYX is one of the best providers not only of bingo games, but slots and casino games as well.

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How Will This Deal Impact the Future of OEG?

The two companies made a deal that OEG will start using the game content of NYX Gaming. This means that NYX will help OEG achieve what they’ve started years ago – taking over the online gambling market in the Baltic States. It also means that the players from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania will get a number of additional games, coming from NYX Gaming.

Apart from doing great in the Baltic countries, OEG is also doing business in countries like Italy, Malta and Slovakia. In fact, this company currently has more than 30 betting shops and almost 130 casinos in total.

According to David Flynn, the Executive Vice President of the NYX Gaming Group, making a deal with OEG was a great move due to the fact that this company is one of the fastest-growing in the industry. He added that the awards OEG got for competitiveness and service quality had a big impact on people from NYX to accept the deal. Flynn also spoke about how proud the people from NYX felt for being chosen by this prestigious company.

Positive comments came from the people from OEG as well. In fact, the company’s Managing Director of Online Operations and Sports Betting, Veiko Krünberg said that NYX is going to be their ally in addressing all the desires and needs of their customers. He also praised the way the business between the two companies has started and said that he expects the friendly attitude to remain until the end of the deal.

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