Online Bingo Trends

23 May

Who is Playing Bingo Now?

When people hear of the game bingo, the first thing that comes to mind is old ladies in a church hall. But the game has changed in recent years. With the advent of online gaming, smartphone apps, and tablet and computer gaming, bingo has become a game played by people of all ages. But why young people are playing bingo now? In the last ten years, online gaming has been growing. Not just in the bingo game industry, but across the board. According to the BBC, in 2004 there were fewer than 20 bingo game sites in the UK. Now, there are over 350. The rapid growth of online sites, along with computer, radio, and television ads have helped in the growth of this particular business sector.

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Well, many online sites are free to join, with special offers and sign up bonuses. Who doesn’t want to play a game or two and win some money from the comfort of their own home? Gone are the days of Thursday night bingo in the church hall. That particular way of playing is still around, sure, but it has given way to online communities and a younger player base.

The player base for online bingo has shifted in the last ten years. Many site’s advertisements are catering and targeting younger women. In a world where gambling has traditionally been seen as a ‘man’s game’, this new demographic has sparked some controversy in many online gaming communities. However, the women playing these games seem to be unphased by the bias, and continue to play.

Why are people playing now?

It’s not all about the money. Some sites have large payouts and big prizes, but the odds are high and with sometimes millions of people on any given site, the competition can be quite fierce. For most, it is simply a hobby. People need to pay in, and usually the bet more than they win. However, it is not just that. On most online sites, there is a chat room where people can talk while playing. It gives a sense of camaraderie, where a group of likeminded people can come and play and chat. It’s like a group of friends having a game night, except these people are spread out across the world. People have said the online bingo community is like a large family. Many people enjoy and look forward to than the actual game itself.

How Online Bingo is changing the gaming community

When people hear about gaming, the first thing that usually comes to mind is video games. Console and PC gaming can be more expensive and more time consuming than online games, such as bingo and other casino based games. Online bingo is getting more people into gaming online. Many gaming companies have taken an interest in these online trends, and perhaps, in the future, the companies making PC and console games will cater to those that enjoy games such as bingo.

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