Play Bet365 Bingo and Win a Dream Vacation at the Canary Islands

9 Feb

For many people, February is not quite the favorite month. Christmas Holidays are long behind, while there are still a couple of months left before the summer. It seems the people from bet365 realize this, which is why they are giving away a tropical holiday in the middle of winter!

The destination is Canary Islands, but the winner of the prize will have the privilege to choose one of the four islands in the archipelago. Each of the islands is unique in its own way, so making a decision will not be easy. The good news is that the lucky winner will have a total of £1,500 in the budget for picking the holiday.

How to Get Involved in the Giveaway?

In order to qualify for the prize, a player needs to participate in the All-Winners Finale games, which take place every Sunday. The good news is that getting a ticket is quite an easy job. The bad news is that the promotion ends on 26th February, which means that you should start collecting tickets right away.

In order to get a ticket, you need to make a win in one of the Check In games in the Holiday Shop room. Furthermore, you can get tickets by paying real money for them. Considering what kind of prize is involved, paying for a ticket seems reasonable.

On top of everything, you can win tickets by participating in party hour games. Each £5 that you stake on those games will earn you 6 tickets. But, be careful as the maximum number of tickets for All-Winners Finale games is 36 per player!

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