Portugal’s National Lottery Plans to Work with NeoGames for Years

27 Nov

Free bingo onlineThe recent news coming from Portugal is about NeoGames renewing the contract with Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa (SCML) which is the country’s national lottery operator. The cooperation between the two lasts since 2013, when SCML hired NeoGames for the first time. Obviously, NeoGames did a wonderful job, so it’s no surprise the Portuguese were keen on extending the contract.

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The reason why NeoGames seem ideal for SCML is that this company is capable of providing instant game, customized to appeal to the chosen market. SCML hired them to get a supply of instant games, but also traditional printed ticket games, as well as an elaborate marketing scheme. Speaking of marketing, people from NeoGames are going to promote SCML’s INSTANT WIN products.

According to NeoGames CEO, Ilan Rosen, the decision to expand the deal with SCML was the right decision for both companies. Rosen says that working with NeoGames brought SCML a huge increase in customer base, making their brand number an industry leader. He adds that more success is going to follow soon as they plan to develop some new approaches especially for the Portuguese market.

History of These Two Companies

When it comes to the online scratch card market, NeoGames is one of the world’s leaders. This company has been around more than a decade, providing their clients with nothing but high-quality work. Apart from scratch cards, NeoGames also creates instant win games, which is one of the reasons why SCML decided to do business with them. Speaking of SCML this company is more than 500 years old. It started as a charity organization, back in 1498, but in the last couple of years is synonymous with lottery.

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