Robbers Foiled by Own Stupidity at Gala Bingo

8 Sep

 Free bingo onlineThey say that crime doesn’t pay, which is especially true if the robbers are the ones that foil their own plan. That is what happened at the Gala Bingo where two men grabbed the cash and ran out of the gaming establishment, but dropped the money when they were making their getaway.

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According to police, the two assailants entered the Gala Bingo at the Bath Road establishment, which was closed at the time. They came in at around 9:10 PM and demanded that the reception desk clerk hand over the money. One was armed with a handgun while the other was wielding a sword.

The two grabbed all the money from the cash tray and dumped it into their bag. They, then, proceeded toward the door looking to make their escape in a gray Saab which was parked outside.

However, as the two were getting into the car, one wound up dropping the money bag on the ground before they sped off. It was clear that they were unaware of their mistake, as no attempt was made to return to grab the cash.

The entire event was captured on CCTV cameras, but the two did not enter through the main entrance to the club. The robbery, which took place on August 30, was captured in its entirety, but it will be hard to identify the two, as one wore a hooded- shirt and had his face covered. The other was dressed similarly.

Police would like to speak to anyone who witnessed the crime. There have been a series of robberies in the area of late. The Slough Trading Estate was hit a week earlier, and H&T Pawnbrokers was robbed on August 13. There were also two more minor incidents on August 1 and August 10 which both look to be the work of the two assailants.

Detective Sergeant Pete Clarke has been assigned to the case and will be looking for anyone who may shed light on who the two robbers may be. A more thorough description of the vehicle is also sought by police, hoping that this may lead to more leads in the case.

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