Sleaford Lioness Club Celebrates the Ruby Anniversary with a Bingo Night and a Golf Day

17 Feb

It’s been four decades since the first Lioness Club was founded. It started as a Lions Club offshoot, but turned to be an everyday part of people’s lives in UK and Ireland. In order to celebrate the anniversary, the club plans to organize a number of interesting events, including a bingo night!

All of the events are not only aimed to provide good fun, but also to raise money for noble causes. In fact, the club has already started raising money for charity with a quiz night last week. They even managed to collect £350, all of which will go to the fund of the Willoughby School in Bourne.

Easter Bingo Night & Charity Golf Day

The next event in Lioness Club calendar is the Easter Bingo Night. It will take place on Thursday, March 30 at the Solo Club in Sleaford. The game starts at 7.30pm and in order to participate, every player will need to spend £1. Of course, those who feel more generous can pay more as all of the money will go to charity. This time, the Lioness Club will give the funds to the Walter Hrubesch Foundation.

Still, the biggest event of the year will be the Charity Golf Day. The members of the Lioness Club are welcome to come to the Sleaford Golf Club on May 19. Apart from playing 18-hole golf in groups of four, the members will also have food and drinks at their disposal. The meals include a sausage bap at the entrance and a two-course lunch, later on.

All of this comes at a reasonable price of £1 per person, but the best thing is that the money will not go to the organizers, but to charity. All of the money raised that day will be given to the British Heart Foundation.

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