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3 Sep

Every week there are plenty of bingo sites which keep popping up due to ever-growing demand. In the past, there were a handful of sites but, fast-forward to now there are millions of people who play online bingo daily.

For a lot of us, especially first-timers, it may be challenging to decide on which one to deposit your money. You don’t want to be scammed and to be instantly rewarded when you win; this is the place to be. Stay tuned!

Mecca Bingo

If you are looking for a well-established site this is the one for you, it has been around for a little over 70 years and runs 83 bingo clubs. UK Gambling Commission licenses. The site’s interface stands out for me.

Mecca Bingo provides a friendly and conducive environment where you can play online bingo as well as make new friends while you are at it.

In case of a problem, there is a support staff that will cater for your needs 24/7, if you want to play ticket buying starts at 1 pound; it doesn’t get any better than that. The site has a ‘killer’ interface; it’s vibrant, colorful, and easy to navigate.

Mecca Bingo has no lag time, the site loads very fast and the game run for every few minutes ensuring there is unstoppable fun. For those who want to deposit and withdraw their cash, you can now do it at your local bingo shop.

In every month, there is a £200,000 giveaway in the ‘Penny Lane’ bingo room! Tickets start at 1 pound. Players can also win gifts like surprise gifts, bingo tickets, or iPads. While at it, you can earn easy points while playing.

Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo has been around since 2005; they are a household name with over 5 million registered users, players who love a bit of banter; there is a new chat host that allows users to interact and socialize.

The site loads at lightning speeds have a colorful interface that’s very easy to navigate. For those using their phones, they will be amazed. Gala Bingo provides a unique and enjoyable experience while playing on your mobile device.

Here is the best part, tickets start for as low as 0 pounds, and there are plenty of bingo rooms where you can wish cash even when you don’t have money. In every week, Gala Bingo offers prizes totaling worth up to £42 million.

The games on this site run every minute of non-stop fun. For newbies, there is a special newbie room where you get to play for free for three full days and get a chance to win prizes of up to£2,000. Gala Bingo has a big jackpot that you can win on an all-round year basis. It’s also regulated by UK Gambling Commission.


For a long time, ladies have been complaining there is no online bingo playing sites that tailor to there need! Well, here comes 888Ladies. The site is welcoming and friendly bingo site that solely dedicated to the girlies.

The site is well-known for its vibrancy that fosters good relationship and a sense of camaraderie. Bingo lovers will be able to find some of their most favorite games, and there are exciting and fantastic jackpots up for grabs every week.

For new players, you can play for free and get an opportunity to win £888. It does not end there, for new depositors you are entitled to a 500% game and bingo owners and you will also be able to win some fantastic promotions.

New bingo features such as the flash 5 increase the chances of you winning; there are plenty of progressive jackpots as well as the daily £88 Jackpot. At 888Ladies, loyalty is rewarded as you are entitled to pick free daily rewards. You will also be able to enjoy some of your most favorite games in one place. Ladies are indeed in for a treat.

Heart Bingo

Heart bingo has built its reputation on over a 16-year mainstay. Heart Bingo for quick payouts the sole reason why new players are flocking to the site.

Players can attest to receiving their winning after two hours after requesting for their withdrawal.

Players have the chance of winning over £1,500,000 every week if you are playing on a mobile phone. You’ll experience a friendly and beautiful interface on their award-winning mobile app. If you encounter a problem, there is 24-hour friendly customer support that will help you tackle all of your problems.

There are also free-running bingo games running regularly with no risk incurred. The heart bingo site has an elegant design that is clean with fast load time, ensuring you get only the best experience.

Some of the new exclusive features that are exclusive to heart bingo players are the ‘Session Bingo!’ which allows you to purchase tickets used in 15 different games in a single session. This bundle ticket is cheaper than when buying individually; it will save you a lot of time and increase the chances of winning.

Betfair Bingo

Betfair is considered to be one of the biggest online gaming operators in the U.K; you can be assured a lot of cash with substantial winning jackpots. Underlining its popularity is the fact that there are more than 2,000 players online during peak hours, don’t be worried about the crowd you’ll still be able to win.

Every night at the striker room there is free bingo with tickets costing as low as 0 pounds. Betfair offers big jackpots ranging from 20k and above. The site has lovely customer supports and faster withdrawals, ensuring you get your winnings on time.

Multiple games are running every minute with a table countdown that will give you all the details of the next games enabling you to know what to expect. The more you play bingo games, you’ll earn more loyalty points which can be exchanged for bonuses and tickets.

Betfair mobile app is user-friendly, simple, and colorful. They also have may exciting new prizes, the major drawback is they don’t offer many exclusives buy they make it up with massive jackpots and juicy bonuses.

Final world

Still searching for the best online bingo site? We have discussed five of the best sites currently on the market that offer huge winnings and jackpot while also the best playing experience. What are you waiting for!

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