[block]0[/block]When it comes to playing free Bingo online, Think Bingo is one of the top dogs

it’s a well established and highly recognized Bingo site which offers some truly excellent online bingo games.

The Website

Think Bingo have done a great job in creating a simple yet intuitive and fresh website which makes it easy to navigate. It’s flash based online bingo games mean there’s no need to download any software making it fast, fun and easy to get straight into a bingo game.

Think Points

One of the things I especially liked about Think Bingo is their ‘Think Points’ system.

Where as most free bingo online sites allow you to trade bonus points for prizes, Think Bingo allows you to exchange your Think points for hard cash. (1000 Think points equal £1)

Gaining Think points is very easy, you gain Think points by such actions as purchasing bingo cards before a game, aswell referring friends to Think Bingo (which earns you a massive 5000 points!).

Think Bingo Prizes

Think Bingo is very generous when it comes to the prizes and jackpots to be won. Giving away up to £40,000 in daily jackpots and with a £100 bonus on 1st deposits and 50% match bonus on other deposits made, they certainly work hard in keeping you playing Bingo on their website.

Just recently a Think Bingo member landed themself a whopping £7,000!

Think Bingo Community

Think Bingo have a well established community meaning you can openly talk and chat to other Think Bingo players. Along with the friendly Think Bingo community, the CM’s are very friendly, polite and helpful too, altogether making you feel much more involved.

Think Bingo Pros

  • Simple yet intuitive and fresh website
  • Excellent Think Point bonus scheme
  • Great community
  • Friendly CM’s
  • Excellent jackpots and prizes

Think Bingo Cons

  • Forum is seperate so requires second password


All in all, Think Bingo is a great place to play Bingo online. It’s very friendly atmosphere makes it that little bit more involving and enjoyable.

Perfect for both beginners and pro’s alike!

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