Time for Bingo to Join the 21st Century

12 Oct

Free bingo onlineThe vast majority of us are well acquainted with the game of Bingo. We have played it since we were kids, with some joining in the great competitions online or in casinos all across the globe. It is truly a fun game that can be played by people of all ages, and with prizes involved it only gets to be more fun.

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While a lot of fun for everyone the problem for the game has been that it is the same old that this has been called for years. How many times B2 or I22 simply gets to be boring. This is why it’s time for a dramatic change in the way that bingo is called. Here are some great bingo calls to spice up the game and begin a lot more enjoyable.

  1. One Direction

Instead of just calling out B1 why not add one of America’s most popular bands to the mix. This lets everyone know that their favorite little pop sensation is the first number in the B column.

  1. Cup of Tea

While tea seems like an odd synonym for a bingo call, the truth is that tea is associated with the No. 3. Crazy you say! Because it is herbal, gluten-free, and an antioxidant, many will know what you mean when you say Cup of Tea.

  1. Selfie Time

Ugh, the selfie. Aren’t we all starting to hate that? Well, now you can make it more fun as part of bingo night. The Selfie is associated with the No. 9, so calling it out will capture everyone’s attention. Those who do get it can take a selfie of them doing so.

  1. Tae Tae

If you think One Direction was a big deal, well Taylor Swift is even a bigger one. Her hit “22” goes right along with her saying Tae Tae. They will all know what you mean and you can dance your butt off when you win because you knew and others didn’t.

  1. Kylie’s Lips

What? We know that is what many of you are saying, but there is a rhyme and reason here. Her lips became one of the sensations of the year 2016 which, for some reason, is quickly being abbreviated down to 26. This year’s trends get the No. 26 to them, and Kylie’s Lips are at the top of that list.

  1. Chill with Netflix

This may not be something that is well known, but when there is a show or event on Netflix that is considered naughty, or the company is doing something that seems a bit out of bounds, the No. 56 has become associated with this. It’s a weird world we live in without a doubt, but it is time to spice up the game to make it a bit more enjoyable for everyone.

  1. Queen Bey

Ah, Beyonce. The flawless musician is a prime performer and this is why she is associated with the No. 73 or 37. This is because this is the only prime number that is still a prime number no matter which number is listed first. She is the most prime and well deserving of the number.

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