Time is Running Out for June Bingo Promotions

1 Jul

On the website, Bingo.com, there are many June promotions that are still happening for all of their players. They are now in the third week of this great competition where players can win thousands in cash and prizes. This week of the tournament will last until July 3rd and all of the players on Bingo.com will have a chance to win big! It is not too late to join in on the action. The prizes to be given away this week vary from a jackpot of 850 pounds to a huge jackpot of 1,150 pounds. There are players from all over the world who are participating in this tournament, so it is time to get in while you still can!

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Play on your Mobile Device

The great thing about Bingo.com is that there is an app that you can install onto your mobile phone. This app will allow you to play all you want while you are away from your desktop. This app makes it much easier for you to win this jackpot and to get in on all of the fun at Bingo.com. By joining in on the games, players will collect points for each game that they have a winning Bingo line. The pool jackpot will be split between 30 of the top players with the most point totals.

Prizes for those who place in Bingo.com

There are quite a few prizes to be given away at Bingo.com and all of those who want to play have a chance to do it today! The first, second, and third prize winners will receive 500, 250, and 100 pounds, depending on how many total points they each have. Those who do not place in the first three positions will still have a chance at winning free prizes. The 4th through 10th place winners will all receive 20 free spins to use on Bingo.com. Players in the 11th– 20th place will win 10 free spins and those in 21st-30th will win 5 free spins. Everyone is a winner at Bingo.com! Get your tickets now in order to play for the big bucks.

The Bingo.com Rooms to Win

The tournament on Bingo.com will actually take part in many different rooms. These are the rooms where players can chat with their Bingo.com friends and play for the winning jackpot. The tournament will take place in the Supersonic Room, Glamour Hall Room, The Grand Room, and the Mystery Rooms. All players will have a chance to win this jackpot and it is very important that you sign up now. Players are getting amped up to play in this tournament. There are four week total to the tournament, so it is not too late to join in on all of the fun. The website will feature updates on the tournament and ways to get in on all of the Bingo action.

Bingo.com is very excited to have this tournament running throughout the next two weeks. Be sure to claim your place in the tournament now!

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