Warning! Stay Away From Bingo Mania!

28 Jan

free bingo onlineFor most of bingo enthusiasts, this game is more about fun than about money. Still, it’s an undeniable fact that there’s a lot of money involved in this business, which is a sort of magnet for bad people. As by rule, wherever there is money, there will be some people looking to scam their way in.

How to play free bingo online?

One of the recent news about bingo sites not sticking to the deals is the one about Bingo Mania. According to several bingo websites, Bingo Mania has decided to breach the contract with their affiliates, without paying what they’re entitled to.

Namely, Bingo Mania’s website for affiliate deals, KickAss Partners has stopped working, which led to the end of cooperation between this bingo site and its partners. The problem is that the partners have brought a serious amount of traffic to Bingo Mania, without getting anything in return.

How Does This Affect Bingo Players?

You might think that you, as a bingo player, have nothing to do with the disputes between Bingo Mania and its affiliates, but the truth is quite the opposite. If Bingo Mania managed to get away without paying money to their partners, what is stopping them from doing the same to you if you hit a big prize!?

If something like that happen, your only solution to get your money is to sue the company. The problem is that Bingo Mania is registered and licensed in Antigua and Barbuda, so in order to sue them for fraud, you would need to make an international charge. The problem is that the cost of it would probably be much higher than the amount of your prize.

At this point, the best solution seems to switch to another bingo site. Instead of Bingo Mania and its sister-website BonusBingo.com, you can move to some more reliable bingo sites like Bingo Cabin, Amigo Bingo, Bingo hall, Moon Bingo, and so on.

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