West Lancashire Mayor Will Host Bingo Charities to Help Those in Need

28 Nov

Free bingo onlineLiz Savage, the Mayor of West Lancashire has confirmed that she’s going to host the Christmas Bingo on 1st December. The aim of the scheduled event is to raise money to help mayoral charities, namely Ormskirk Neo-Natal, The Civic, The Artz Centre, and the Birchwood Centre.

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Savage says that the idea for the event came as a way to add a boost to the mayoral charities at the end of the year. Apart from the Christmas Bingo, she expects to raise funds from individual donations, but also those made by local businesses.

How to Get Involved?

If you would like to be a part of the Christmas Bingo, you can get a ticket for £5. Apart from one bingo ticket, you will also get a cup of tea and a mince pie.

According to Liz Wainwright from the charity committee, this event is going to bring a lot of fun to those involved as not only they’ll be playing bingo, but also giving something back to the society.

She expects the tickets to be sold out fast, which is why her advice to you is to get one as soon as possible!

Mayoral Charities

One of the charities that’s going to profit from the Christmas Bingo is the Birchwood Centre. The centre works with teenagers and young adults who are under the risk of becoming homeless in the future. The event will also make a donation to the Ormskirk Neo-Natal Unit, which serves not only West Lankashire, but Formby and Southport as well.

Two more charities are going to benefit from this event – the Artz Centre and The Civic. The latter is dedicated to the preservation of The Civic Hall, while the purpose of the Artz Centre is to encourage young people to get more involved in the modern arts.

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