Winning Big At Foxy Bingo

22 Jun

Foxy Bingo is an online gaming site that has been around for many years. Each month they like to have different promotions for their players, both new and old. The month of June is no different. There are many exciting things coming up for Foxy Bingo and the Newbie’s Room is one that is making headlines.

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Foxy Bingo’s Newbie’s Room

When new players join Foxy Bingo, they will be welcomed by the veteran players. There will be a Newbie Room for them to join as soon as they sign up. This room is to welcome each and every new Bingo player that signs up on Foxy Bingo. This room will give them a rundown of how the website works and how they start to win cash and prizes by playing Bingo. There will be special notes for them about how to make a deposit, what certain slang means, and how to properly play in the different rooms.

For the first three days that the new members are playing, they can win up to 250 pounds of cash and prizes. There will be bonus games and prizes every day in the month of June for these new players. Every day between 10 AM and 10 PM, there will be a new free game for these newbies every 20 minutes. This is a great way for the new players to get their bearings and learn how to play Bingo on this site.

Other Foxy Bingo June Promotions

In the month of June, Foxy Bingo will give us Ladies Day. This is a very special promotion where there is an upside down jackpot. In this particular game, one line pays out 3,000 pounds, 2 lines pays out 1,500 pounds, and a full card pays out 500 pounds. This is why it is called an upside down jackpot because usually the full card wins the most money, but not with this tournament.

Another June promotion that Foxy Bingo is running in June is the Mystery Giveaway. For this promotion, Foxy Bingo will give players their own mystery box. These boxes are given away on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. This promotion goes until June 29th. Who knows what cash and prizes you will find in your mystery box. There could be a huge amount of money in it for you.

Summer Giveaway

The last big giveaway in June on Foxy Bingo is the summer giveaway. This is a very special 90 ball Bingo game. It takes place on June 26th at 8 PM and you can win 10,000 pounds for a full Bingo card. Players need to make sure that they are around for this game! Even the lowest prize is 1,500 pounds!

All of these promotions are great for the month of June. If you have yet to join Foxy Bingo, this is probably the best time to do it. With all of these great promotions, you will be very happy with your chances of winning very big prizes. You will be very excited to play Bingo.

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